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The University of Milan has 32 Departments, covering research and teaching activities in all the main fields of human knowledge and serving about 60000 students. The Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (DISAA) conducts top-notch research of the agro systems ranging from the nano to the macro scale of investigation. DISAA scientists are using a molecular and organismal approach, as well as systemic and modelist/territorial analyses to improve the productivity of animal and plant species. The techniques used range from “omics” (i.e. proteomics, ionomics, and genomics) to virtual modelling, agroecology and geostatistics. DISAA merges scientists specialized in climate change, from environmental evaluation of climate change effects, modelling of agricultural scenarios in challenging environments, to plant molecular biology and genetics. The Departments employ about 120 University professors and tutors, permanent scientific and administrative staff, and support many PhD and MSc students. DISAA researchers lead or participate in many national and international research projects. DISAA has an outstanding proven record of activities and publications in climate change related topics: biodiversity changes under changing climate scenarios; study of the effects of abiotic stresses related to climate change on crops and on pathogens populations; modelling climate change effects on crops; study of the environmental impact of climate change; optimization of analytical methods for tracking phenotypical changes of crops under climate change pressure; study of the utilization of agricultural, urban and agro-industrial waste for the production of bio-energy and renewable fertilizer; study of the mitigation of the emission of GHG during the utilization in open field of animal slurries.

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University of Milano

UMIL has 32 Departments, covering research and teaching activities in all the main fields of human knowledge and serving about 60000 students.

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Carlo Pozzi

Prof. Carlo Pozzi is associate professor in Plant Genetics, at the Dept. of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (DISAA), at Milan State University. C.M.P. teaches advanced molecular breeding and plant biotechnologies. His research interests span from plant development (mainly in barley), to plant quality and production (in peach fruits), to plant pharming (in tobacco) and plant abiotic stress coping (in tobacco). He has extensive experience in public and private sectors in plant molecular breeding. He has and H index =18. He co-authored 5 international patents. He holds a professional Project Management Institute certificate.

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