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Assam Agricultural University, established in the year 1968 is the feeder and premier institution of its kind in the whole of North-Eastern Region of India and recipient of the Sardar Patel Outstanding Best Institution Award of the ICAR, New Delhi. The University is comprised of 9 colleges; and 9 research stations and at present. Its mission is to fill up talent gap in agriculture and allied sector to preposition the state to combat the emerging challenges in agriculture and ensure productivity increase in agri-horti-animal-fish on the face of shrinking/fragmented land holdings, ailing soil health, diminishing water resources and increased human population. Provisioning of quality human resource to facilitate technology led agricultural renaissance revitalizing and rejuvenating post-green revolution in agriculture ensuring both production and environment sustainability is the vision of this University. The main goal of this institution is to produce globally competitive human resources in farm sector and to carry out research in both conventional and frontier areas for production optimization as well as to disseminate the generated technologies as public good for benefitting the food growers/produces and traders involved in the sector while emphasizing on sustainability, equity and overall food security at household level. The University has been playing a major role in promoting biotechnology research in the whole of N E region of the country through the funding obtained from the Dept of Biotechnology, GoI. A Centre of excellence, the DBT-AAU Centre for Agricultural Biotechnology was established in the year 2011 with a vision to preposition Assam Agricultural University and the whole of North-Eastern region with quality human resource with needed scientific acumen in the field of Agricultural Biotechnology, as well as to develop and provide gene based solutions utilizing the conventional and non conventional bio-resources of the region, for treating various biotic and abiotic ailments restricting productivity increase in various crops locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. The Centre has been further strengthened in the year 2018 with a programme “DBT-North East Centre for Agricultural Biotechnology to translate technologies developed by the Centre in the area of Biotechnology to various states of the region.

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Assam Agricultural University

Assam Agricultural University (AAU), established in the year 1968 is the feeder and premier institution of its kind in the whole of North-Eastern Region of India and recipient of the Sardar Patel Outstanding Best Institution Award of the ICAR, New Delhi.

About the local coordinator

Prof. Bidyut Kumar Sarmah is an eminent scientist and currently holding the position of ICAR-National Professor (Norman Borlaug Chair) and also Director, DBT-AAU Centre, Assam Agricultural University, India. He has made significant contributions to the field of agricultural biotechnology in general and development of genetically modified pulses in particular. He obtained Ph. D degree from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, in the year 1995. In 1997, Dr. Sarmah joined Institute of Biological Chemistry, Washington State University, Pullman, USA as a Research Associate for his Post-Doctoral Program. He worked in CSIRO, Australia, Friedrich Miescher Institute, Switzerland and Agricultural University of Athens as visiting Scientist in the year 1997-99; 2001 and 2015 respectively. In 2006, he was invited to Washington State University, Pullman, USA as a visiting faculty. Professor Sarmah has established collaborations with several institutes of national and international repute such as National Chemical Laboratory, Pune; Bose Institute, Kolkata; ICRISAT, Patencheru; Washington State University, USA; Friedrich Miescher Institute, Switzerland; CSIRO Plant Industry, Canberra; Agricultural University of Athens, Greece etc. Prof. Sarmah has co-authored four book chapters and has more than fifty publications in National and International journals. He has been acting as an Editorial board member in the journals Plant Science and Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding.

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