Outreach activities

AdaptNET Trainee Dr. Basavaraj Bagewadi, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology (IABT), University of Agricultural Sciences Dharwad-580005.

A group discussion among Dr Bagewadi and 50 growers was held on 30th Nov. 2020 at two places in Yallapur, Uttara Kannada Dist. of Karnataka State in India. The topics discussed were: climate change related issues, tools and methods for crop adaptation to climate change (such as planting disease free, improved cultivars, early sowing, soil and water conservation practices etc.).


AdaptNET Trainee Dr. Kiran, B. O, Scientist (Physiology) AICRP Sorghum RARS, Vijayapur 586 101 UAS, Dharwad.

Dr. Kiran, on 21 January 2021, gave a lecture on impact of climate change on productivity of sorghum for final year BSc graduates. Number of participants: 32. Topics covered: Climate change, components, crop response, impact on Indian agriculture.


Dr. Kiran, on 22 January 2021, gave a lecture on Indian agriculture and climate change with 4th year BSc Agriculture graduates. Number of participants: 25. Topics covered: Climate change, components, crop response, impact on Indian agriculture.


Dr. Kiran, organized a field visit to climate change experiment at Regional Agricultural Research Station Vijayapur UAS Dharwad. Number of participants: 31 (4th year BSc Agriculture Graduates).


AdaptNET Trainees Dr. M. D. Patil and Dr. Kumara B H hosted Farmers Awareness Programme at Hittinahalli Village (Vijayapur Dist) under the AdaptNET Project on 07-02-2021.


AdaptNET Trainee Dr. M. D. Patil engaged talk on "Climate Change: Impact on Agriculture, Our responsibilities" to newly admitted B. Sc. (Hons) in Agriculture students at College of Agriculture, Vijayapura on 20.02.2021.


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