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Our journey started from the pages of the “State of the World 2018” (U.N.). The scientists and Institutions of AdaptNET gathered together around the idea reducing the impact of climate change. We understand that higher education is a critical tool to reach our goals. We thus built on a network of European and Indian scientists, previously part of EU funded projects, and we developed into innovative areas of e-learning and higher education building capacities. The result of our creative planning is AdaptNET: a three-years project, started in 2019 and financed by the ERASMUS + – CAPACITY BUILDING program. It involves more than 50 scientists in 8 Institutions Four European Institutions are collaborating with 4 Indian partners in training young Indian scientists, that will become high-education teachers, disseminated in strategic Indian institutions. AdaptNET results will resound for long time and the trained scientists, along with the new curricula, will contribute to European and Indian governments efforts to mitigate climate change effects.

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AdaptNET is funded by the ERASMUS+ program of the European Union.
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