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The Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), founded in 1920, is the third oldest University in Greece and first in Agricultural Sciences. There are seven Departments, namely General Sciences, Crop Science, Animal Science, Food Science & Technology, Ag. Biotechnology, Ag. Economics, and Rural Development, Natural Resources and Agricultural Engineering. The campus comprises 42 laboratories, 10 amphitheatres, 26 teaching rooms, a modern library, model agricultural facilities, an agricultural museum, a student center and sports facilities. A large number of research papers are published yearly in national and international journals. Over 3.000 undergraduate students are enrolled in the ten-semester agricultural science program taught by 200 teaching staff. AUA also owns 109,2 hectares of farmland that is used for instruction and research purposes. AUA participates in LLP/ERASMUS and IAESTΕ programs thus contributing in the development of the European higher education and research activity.

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Agricultural University of Athens

AUA was founded in 1920, and it is the third oldest University in Greece and first in Agricultural Sciences.

About the Coordinator

Prof. Andreas Voloudakis, PhD is an Assistant Professor at the Agricultural University of Athens, Hellas (Greece). Andreas was born on 8 December 1963 in New Haven, USA. He obtained his BSc from the Agricultural University of Athens, his MSc from the University of Georgia, USA and his PhD from the University of California (Riverside), USA. He spent a 3-year postdoctorate period at The Scripps Research Institute, San Diego, USA, before he joined the staff of the Agricultural University of Athens in 1995.
Andreas has chaired the European consortium COST FA0806 (Plant virus control employing RNA-based vaccines: A novel non-transgenic strategy) (2009-2013) and in currently chairing the Erasmus Mundus Action 2 project BRAVE (Plant Virology in the new era-Breeding for resistance) (2013-2017). He has published 20 peer-reviewed papers, 1 book chapter, 2 national publications and several publications in popular magazines. He has received funds from 3 international and 2 national projects as a coordinator and participated in 1 international and 3 national projects as a partner. He is a member of several international and national scientific societies.

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Agricultural University of Athens
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